Research and Publications


Kungoni Centre has published Claude Boucher Chisale’s seminal account of Gule Wamkulu, the Great Dance of the Chewa people of Malawi: When Animals Sing and Spirits Dance (Oxford 2012), together with Gary J. Morgan and Arjen van de Merwe.

The book is complemented by a website,, which introduces the book and describes over two hundred further Gule Wamkulu characters. It also has links to extracts from the accompanying DVD.

Kasiya Maliro: the Great Mother of Gule Wamkulu: 160 of her Children Filmed in Action completes the trilogy. This two-hour DVD presents archive footage of Gule Wamkulu characters and the rituals at which they perform. It illustrates both the book and the website.


The most important study of Claude Boucher Chisale’s work at Kungoni Centre is by Martin Ott: African Theology in Images (CLAIM: Blantyre 2000).



Kafukufuku Research Library

The Kafukufuku Research Library houses Kungoni Centre’s archives and a small collection of books related to the contents of the Chamare Museum and the Art Gallery. It is open to visiting scholars.


The Kungoni Art Project, which is ongoing, seeks to construct a virtual museum of all Kungoni work and to produce an artistic history of Kungoni Centre in time to celebrate Kungoni Centre’s fortieth anniversary and Claude Boucher Chisale’s seventy-sixth birthday in 2016.

Kungoni Centre’s own publications include:

Claude Boucher Chisale: Digging Our Roots: The Chamare Museum Frescoes (Mua Mission 2002)


Claude Boucher Chisale: The Gospel Seed: Culture and Faith in Malawi as expressed in the Missio Banner (Mua Mission 2002)


Serge St-Arneault: Kungoni: When Water Falls, Sand Becomes Crystal: A Guide to Mua and the Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art, Second Edition (Mua Mission 2014)


Kungoni Centre has also produced a number of recordings of Malawi’s traditional dances.