Community Participation and Village Life


The Centennial monument (Below)

mua_centenary_monument_01Mrs Rute Nikodemo engages in Ngoni bead work (Below)



Mua Mission and Ku Mbewu Centre for Family Development

Mua Mission is the oldest station of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) in Malawi (1902). Its historic buildings include the attractive Mission House, and its varied life finds expression in institutions such as the Hospital, the Deaf School and the Parish Church (which was decorated by Kungoni), as well as the busy daily round of village life and the twice weekly market. Although Kungoni Centre is independent to Mua Mission, their proximity is mutually enriching.


Ku Mbewu Centre for Family Development occupies the buildings of the former carpentry workshop of Mua Mission. It was established by Kungoni Centre to provide a forum for the women of the Mua area to produce their own arts and crafts (which are sold through the Showroom) and to engage in activities that include adult literacy classes and HIV  / AIDS awareness.


Chamare Day, which falls in early August, is a celebration in song and dance by the whole community of all that Kungoni Centre and Mua Mission represent. Visitors are welcome.


Marriage ceremony at Mua Mission (Above)