Chamare Museum and Bwalo


Chewa Room (Above) and Yao depiction of childbirth (Below)childbirth_01

Ngoni Dancers (Below and Bottom right)


Kungoni Bwalo (Centre)

chamare_museum_01The Chamare Museum was opened in 2002 to present the cultures of the Chewa, Ngoni and Yao peoples who converge in this part of Malawi. It is named in honour of Jean-Baptiste Champmartin, who worked for many years at Mua Mission.

The Chamare Museum is remarkable for its display of Gule Wamkulu masks and structures, which serve as the vehicle of the ancestors’ moral teaching for the Chewa. Its collection of Ngoni and Yao cultural artifacts is also very fine. The cultures of all three peoples are brought alive in an innovative display that includes Claude Boucher Chisale’s detailed photographs and explanations.

The Chamare Museum presents also the history of Mua Mission and reflects on the dynamic relationship between faith and culture (Inculturation) that informs the activity of Kungoni Centre.

The Chamare Museum is open for guided tours. It serves also as the resource centre for cultural courses, which are conducted by arrangement with Claude Boucher Chisale for those who wish to engage more deeply with the cultural and artistic traditions of Malawi.


The Kungoni Dance Troupe performs on the adjacent bwalo (dance floor). It is available for hire at public and private functions.

bwalo_01 ngoni_dance_01